It's Coming!

The rain event of the last few weeks has set up a scenario that has lead to the worst flood in west Kentucky and the lower Ohio river basin since 1937; and in some cases worse. The object of this blog is to share info, photos and story's about the flood and it's effect on our community. Please share with me whatever you think will help accomplish this goal, and I will publish what I can.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Back To Berry's Ferry and Carrrsville

The photo below was three days ago, above was yesterday. About three more feet of water.


  1. Whoa! Good pics down at the end of Bayou Road. Lived here all my life and didn't know water got that high up on the sign.

  2. I'm wishing to find out if my late father's house is under water. He lived on River Road next to the campground in Birdsville. Do you know how bad those houses are damaged? My father was Michael Hughes and he lived at 975 River Road